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Guy Cillessen

Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS: 369598

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About Guy


I get it – delving into a tale of professional escapades might not be the most thrilling thing on your reading list. But hey, let's spice things up a bit! I promise to throw in some lightheartedness and skip the corporate jargon – we'll save that for the experience section on LinkedIn, shall we? 😊

Now that we’re in agreement, let’s dive in. My journey has been a real estate rollercoaster. I've worn quite a few hats – Realtor, Loan Officer, Loan Processor, Underwriter, New Home Sales Consultant, Sales Manager for builders.  I’ve even been a Sales Trainer for builders, as I agree with Master Yoda, "Always pass on what you have learned." It's been a vibrant journey, with each role adding a splash of color to my real estate canvas. Along the way, I've had the incredible opportunity to guide more than 3500 clients through the maze of home buying, and let me tell you, that's been quite the ride.

A quick detour into some fun facts about yours truly. My heart belongs to God and my wonderful family. My beliefs have shaped my outlook, reminding me to treasure people for who they are. This outlook lends itself well to authentic conversations, a trait that comes naturally to me…especially over a cup of coffee.

I'm the proud husband to an amazing football-loving wife and father of two awesome kiddos; Talia, the artistic creator, and Asher, the future robot-genius. They keep me on my toes…and on my coffee IV.  Mmmm Coffee – it's my trusty companion, always there like an old friend. I've gone from roasting beans to mastering the art of the perfect espresso shot. Coffee's not just a drink; it's a journey, and I'd love to treat you to your favorite brew when our paths cross. 

Now, on to football: I'm a fervent Denver Broncos supporter, with a soft spot for the Cardinals – a souvenir from my years spent soaking up the Arizona sun and going to the games with my wife, a die-hard Cards’ fan.  I support her football team and she supports my slight Star Wars obsession.  What can I say?  “The Force is Strong with This One.”  But seriously, from nostalgic movie moments to sharing the saga with my kids, Star Wars is timeless. 

If you're curious about my credentials, and you feel a need to read some Corporate Jargon, I'm Guy Cillessen, holding down the fort as a Mortgage Loan Originator with NMLS ID: 369598. Feel free to drop a line at (602) 821-2688.  Let's chat over coffee and trade tales. I'm all ears, eager to hear your story and see how I can lend a hand.

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